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“Korean Thunder Chicken” by Wasi Syed (3rd place 2018 Poultry Competition)

One of the few competitors who cooked on-site, Wasi showed off his pitmaster skills, using  a public park grill (the frustrating kind) in windy situations. His wife Muna’s recipe (see below) combined with his grilling expertise resulted in tender and juicy chicken with “perfect Asian flavor” per the judges. Wasi presenting his Korean Thunder Chicken to the judges Wasi is the type of pitmaster who can thrive with any grill. For this competition, he used this rusty public park grill at the competition site. As part of our ongoing series interviewing the competitors, below are Wasi’s answers and his award-winning recipe. ——————————————————————————————————————- What type of grill/smoker do you have?  I have the Weber Charcoal Grill and a Gas Grill. What grills/smokers...

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