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Can a Kamado Grill Function as a Tandoor Oven?

Can a Big Green Egg function as a tandoor (aka “Big Green Tandoor”)? Yes it can!!!

For reference, a tandoor is a clay oven shaped like a pot. Charcoal is lit at the base of the tandoor and skewered meat is lowered into it to cook via radiant heat.

Another use for a tandoor is to cook naan, which is slapped onto the walls of the tandoor. We previously tried making naan on the walls of the Big Green Egg with limited success (read about here and here).

Below is the method to use the Big Green Egg as a tandoor for skewered meat. I credit Neghae for introducing me to this technique. Also take a look at this forum thread on EggHead; these pitmasters have tried similar techniques.


  1. Obtain skewers that can be hung from the top vent of the Big Green Egg. I used these.
  2. Skewer meat. Use something dense at the end of the skewer, such as a lemon, lime, potato or onion. This will help prevent meat from sliding off.
    Skewers with meat and lime
    Skewers with meat and lime
  3. Bring the Big Green Egg to a dome temperature of around 500 degrees Fahrenheit direct. Remove the top vent cap.
  4. Carefully lower a skewer down the open top and let the handle rest on the rim. Four to six skewers can probably fit. Wear grilling gloves (unlike what I did in the below pic) because allot of heat (and sometimes fire) escapes from the top vent.
    Lowering skewer into egg
    Lowering skewer into the Big Green Egg
    Top view
    Top view of skewers inside the Big Green Egg
    Side view of skewers in Egg
    Side view of skewers in the Big Green Egg
  5. Cook until meat is done. For the chicken cubes in the pics (marinaded like Karachi Bam Chicken), it took about 15 minutes.
  6. Wearing heavy duty gloves, slowly lift each skewer (one at a time).
    Final chicken from "Big Green Tandoor"
    Final chicken from “Big Green Tandoor.” Note the chicken higher up in the skewer actually cooks faster than the lower chicken closer to the charcoal.

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