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The 2018 Great Texan Cookoff by VRIC

How many Halal BBQ brisket/ribs competitions have you been to? Not many… because they don’t happen very often.

So when the Valley Ranch Islamic Center (VRIC) announced their 2nd annual “Great Texan Cookoff,” we quickly formed a team to compete. Our team included Neghae, Rehan, Zeeshan, Mubeen, Jawad, Lateef, and myself.

Three other teams, Smokey D’s (last year’s winner for best ribs), Daddy’s (who came all the way from Mansfield, TX), and HabibBQ (last year’s winner for best brisket).  All four teams cooked 4 briskets and 25 lb of flanken ribs.

Guess who won best brisket? Halal BBQ Pitmasters!…thanks in large part to Neghae‘s mastery of the brisket cook.

We also tied first for the Flanken Ribs, thanks to Rehan‘s outstanding Korean-style marinade that tenderized and flavored the ribs. Because it was a tie, the organizers made the judges break the tie, and they chose HabibiQ as the ultimate winner.

Check back on our blog. We’ll be posting the recipes soon!

See below for a few pictures from the event.

Our table for the VRIC Great Texan Cookoff.
Our table for the VRIC Great Texan Cookoff. It was this clean only for a little while. Once we unpacked briskets, people got in line to purchase some.
Brisket chopped
The cutting boards quickly got messy with tasty brisket pieces.
Flanken Ribs cooking
Two of the teams cooked a few flanken ribs just before turning them in to the judges.
Four team captains
The four team captains eagerly awaiting the results.
The judges scoring brisket and ribs for taste, tenderness, and appearance.
The two winning teams: Halal BBQ Pitmasters (best brisket) and HabibiQ (best ribs)


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