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Last Year’s BBQ Competition: Brisket 2017

Last year, my friends and I started our annual BBQ competition. Six competitors made brisket and our guests served as judges, scoring the meat in categories like appearance (e.g. smoke ring, thickness of slices, bark), taste, and texture. Below are some of the pictures taken during the competition.



Competition briskets unpacked and ready for slicing before the guests (who were also the judges) arrive.



Briskets sliced up and ready for the guests to devour.



The winning brisket. The only one made on an offset smoker (other competitors used big green eggs, traegers, and vertical propane smokers). This winning brisket had the best smoke ring, best texture, and best bark.



For dessert, kids roasted marshmallows to make smores.



Leftover meat was chopped up and donated to Syrian refugees

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