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2018 Halal BBQ Pitmasters Competition: Poultry

(Stay tuned to this blog. We’ll provide allot more details from the competition – like recipes, cook profiles, and judge profiles)

Last year’s competition was brisket and was a guys-only event. To change things up, this year we decided to do poultry (chicken, duck, and turkey) and invite entire families.

Eleven competitors participated, and almost 200 guests (about 50 families) attended. Guests were asked to donate a minimum of $10 per family with the proceeds going the charity of the winner’s choice. Most people gave much more than the minimum, and we ended up raising about $1200.

Each competitor grilled or smoked enough poultry for the 4 judges and 50 samples for guests. For judging, each competitor presented their dish to the judges who then evaluated the taste, texture, and appearance.

Judges. We had an incredible group of judges:

Chef Rosie Keopaseut and her husband Pete Keopaseut – owners of the local favorite halal Thai restaurant Noodle Wave. Among their accomplishments include a 2017 award from McKinney Online as the best Asian restaurant in McKinney.
Hanif ‘Mo’ Islam – owner of Gyro Shop , locally thought of as the better version of Halal Guys
Halal BBQ (7 of 82).jpg
Miles – whose family owns Kabobs To Go
Abdul Ahad Hayee – the winner of last year’s brisket competition

The Winners. Over the next few weeks, I’ll go into allot more detail about our competitors, including their recipes. For now, below are the Top 3, along with their poultry themed nicknames – and links to their recipes.  I noted one thing these winners all did: they cooked skin-on bone-in chicken (as opposed to others who cooked or smoked smaller pieces of skinless white meat). Their chicken remained fairly moist and exuded flavor.

Halal BBQ (44 of 82).jpg
3rd Place: Syed “Nuggets” Wasi. He made “Korean Thunder Chicken”
Halal BBQ (46 of 82).jpg
2nd place: Aamer “El Pollo Loco” Agha. He made “Momma’s Tandoori BBQ and Dad’s Homemade Hummus.”
Halal BBQ (47 of 82).jpg
1st place Kamran “Colonel Sanders” Rizvi. His championship dish was “Karachi Bam Chicken”

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