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Salt. Rub. Fire.

Tandoori chicken is a classical dish from the Indian subcontinent. But preparing the spices, the marinade, and cooking in the tandoor all take a fair amount of effort and time.

My friends know I like the MIME Method - Maximum Impact, Minimum Effort. I want something simple, quick and full of flavors when I cook.

Our Texas Tandoori rub can be used in a variety of ways including traditional marinades and wet rubs. But it is also designed for simplicity, and functions just as well used as a dry rub. Remember, I want to MIME.

This is the fastest and simplest way to create a great tandoori chicken using the Texas Tandoori Rub.

Salt. Rub. Fire.


Although there is some salt in the Texas Tandoori, you may find additional salt, either right before cooking or as a dry brine, will amplify the flavors. I add just a light base coat first.


Here I will coat heavily with the rub. This is true of any cut: breasts, thighs, wings or even whole chickens. I rub down skinless or skinned cuts the same.


Now cook. This can be on your grill, smoker, oven, pan or air fryer. Cook your chicken as you normally would.


That’s it. It’s really that simple. And it saves the time and hassle of gathering ingredients, preparing the marinade and the inevitable waiting. Try Texas Tandoori Rub as a dry rub to see how well it can MIME.

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