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Smoked Breakfast Boats

Some call them stuffed peppers and others call them veggie bowls. The premise is the same – hollow out a vegetable, make a stuffing, pack it, and smoke it. They are simple, make a great presentation ,and pack a great dense flavor.

Today I made a breakfast scramble. Alternative ingredients are mentioned at the bottom to make this versatile for any meal. This is also a great way to repurpose leftover meat.


6 oz leftover ribeye steak

1/3 whole red onion

1/3 whole red pepper

6 eggs

3 poblano peppers

Cheddar cheese block

Salt, pepper and seasonings of choice


Dice up the steak into small pieces. Add to to your oiled skillet on medium-low heat to let them warm up and brown. Salt and season to your liking.

Veggies are diced next. If you are slicing off the top of your veggie bowl, don’t forget to add that here too (I did initially). Season again. Let it continue to cook and brown.

Eggs go in next. As they cook, keep folding and scrambling them.

Then I prepped my poblano peppers. Usually, I slice the peppers in half and fill each half. Today I cut an opening from the one side to make more of the ‘boat’ shape. A spoon is useful to help clear out the core. The top then got diced and added to the skillet. Ideally, I should have done this step earlier.

Once the eggs are done, add your cheese of choice. Chedder cheese works great. (Tip: Grate cheese from the block and your taste buds will thank you). Cover and let the cheese melt.

Once it’s melted, fold the cheese into the eggs. Now, you could stop and serve at this point, but why? We are Pitmasters, so read on.

You can also pause at this step and finish the remaining steps later depending on when you want to serve them. Cover and refrigerate until needed.

Stuff the scramble into the peppers. Use the back of the spoon to really pack it in. I had a little leftover, so could have loosely packed another pepper with it. Then grate some more cheese on top, using a finer grate here.

Get The Big Green Egg (or whichever grill you have) ready at 300 degrees indirect. Cook for about 15-20 minutes…that’s all it takes to soften the pepper and pick up some of the smoke.

Serve whole. They look great and taste even better.

Alternative ingredients and substitutions:

Poblano: Go to the bell pepper family. Slice the top off for one bowl or slice it vertically in half for two bowls.

Steak: Shredded chicken or diced brisket works too. You can also use any ground meat.

Eggs: Try cooked rice or riced cauliflower.

There are so many tweaks to this method that it can come out different every time.

Share your variations and images with us!

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