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2022 Steak Cook-off!

Halal BBQ Pitmasters 4th Annual Competition: Steak Cook-off!
Date: Sunday May 15, 2022
Time: 11 AM-4 PM
Location: Green Vine Market, 1804 K Ave, Plano, TX 75047
Deadline to Sign-up: Sunday May 8, 2022
Two fast and furious rounds to claim the title of Steak Cook-off Champion! All levels of pitmasters/grillers/steak aficionados are welcome to participate in this friendly competition! To make it for all-levels, we are using some of the highest quality beef from Green Vine Market.
Note: for the general public, food will be available for purchase from Green Vine Market.
Register here. The registration fee is $50. The funds will be used to cover overhead, and any excess funds will be given to charity.
Interested in sponsoring the event? Just $250 per sponsor.
Interested in being a judge? Check out our higher sponsorship level. 

Overall structure and rules: Round 1: Each team will have 90 minutes to turn in one 1.5 inch prime New York strip steak (also known as ambassador steak, strip loin steak, Kansas City strip, club steak, or Omaha Strip). Judging will be blinded and based on doneness (with medium doneness getting maximum points), appearance, taste, and tenderness (see more details below). Round 2: The 3 teams with the highest scores will then compete for the top prize by cooking one steak in 45 minutes for the judges. The cut of steak for round 2 will be a surprise; possibilities include ribeye, picanha/sirloin top cap, or flat iron. 
        1. Maximum size for teams will be 3 people
        2. Steaks will be provided on-site. For the first round, 2 steaks will be provided. Note each team is required to turn-in one steak only. For round 2, 1 steak will be provided
        3. Steaks, a 10x10 canopy/tent, a table, and 3 chairs will be provided for each team. Teams must bring any other  necessary supplies including grills, thermometers, tongs, gloves, extension cords, seasonings, ingredients, etc. If teams do not have an available grill, please email us (, and we will help obtain one for you if possible. 
        4. If any grills/cookers/utensils have ever been used to cook non-halal/zabiha meat, reasonable efforts must be made to sterilize them.
        5. Steaks may be cooked on any fire or heat source (Wood, Charcoal, Gas, Electric, Pellet, Sous Vide etc.)
        6. All seasoning and cooking of the steak must be done at the team’s site. 
        7. All steaks are to be handled in a sanitary manner. 
        8. Steaks may not be marked or branded in any way. (Grill marks are not considered marking).
        9. Steaks may not be removed from the team’s cooking area
        10. Teams are not allowed to provide any samples/food for anyone other than the judges. We do not have the required permits to cook food for the public. 
        11. Teams will be provided a turn-in box to turn in one steak. Steaks are to be submitted whole. The box must be turned in during the 10 minute turn-in window
        12. No sauce, butter, or garnish are allowed in the steak turn in box.
        13. Each cook team is responsible for the setup of their team site and clean up when the contest is over.
    Judging/Scoring. Judging will be blinded. Steaks will be submitted whole and judged for Doneness, Appearance, Taste, and Tenderness (see details below). Scores will range from 7 (worst) to 10 (best). The weighted sum of each category will determine the final score. Taste will be the first tiebreaker, tenderness will be the second. Judges will be told not to compare the steaks against the others, but rather on its own merits, independent of the others. 
      • 20% of total score
      • The facilitator will cut the steak down the middle. Judges will decide together on doneness 
      • 10 - Medium
      • 9 - Medium Rare
      • 8 - Medium Well
      • 7 - Rare OR Well done
      • 10% of total score
      • When presented with the steak, judges open the styrofoam container and judge the appearance.
      • 10 - uniform sear OR uniform grill marks (in diamond or cross-hatch pattern)
      • 9 - sear OR grill marks with some nonuniformity
      • 7 - non uniform sear OR non-uniform/random grill marks
      • 40% of total score
      • Each judge will taste slice. If enough steak is remaining after all judges have tried a slice, judges can try a second slice as requested.
      • 10 
      • 9
      • 8
      • 7 - too salty OR not enough salt/seasoning (bland)
      • 30% of total score
      • 10 - Melts in mouth
      • 9
      • 8
      • 7 - too tough; requires a lot of chewing
    1. Tentative timeline
        • Teams arrive at 10 am to set up stations and get grills set up
        • At 10:45, they get two 1.5 inch prime New York strip steaks. 
        • At 11 am, round 1 starts
        • At 12:30, round 1 turn-in
        • About 45 minutes for judging. During this time, teams should clean up their sites
        • Around 2 pm top 3 announced, the cut of steak announced, and 1 steak distributed to the three teams 
        • Top 3 teams will be given a few minutes to set up again. 
        • At 2:30, round 2 begins
        • At 3:15 , round 2 turn in
        • Judging from 3:25 to 3:50 pm. 
        • 4:00 pm winners announced